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Social Inclusion and Rehabilitation Centre for Roma Children and their Families - Turulung, Caritas Satu Mare, Romania

image of woman with smiling child - Photo: Lefteris Partsalis - Caritas Switzerland

What is offered:

The centre, established in 2014 by Caritas Satu Mare, targets people in need coming from disadvantaged, especially rural, areas. Most of the beneficiaries are Roma, families with more than three children living in bad conditions, and with no access to education, the health system or social assistance. The project focuses on three pillars: Community, Development and Inclusion. At the centre, children with a school dropout history receive social and educational support, thus helping them to access education or continue their schooling. They also benefit from an after-school programme, leisure activities, hygiene and medical assistance, socialisation and recreational activities, as well as psychological and faith support. The children’s parents are also integrated into educational and professional training programmes and benefit from counselling services to help them find employment opportunities.


The aim of the project is to enhance the living conditions for Roma and other vulnerable groups in need in Satu Mare and Maramures Counties. The project attempts to respond to the deficiency in the skills of the children’s parents when it comes to labour market needs and to also improve the children’s school access and educational advancement.


The project is an essential support for this geographical area, as few NGOs or local authorities have developed such programmes there before. Since the project’s implementation, 1,000 beneficiaries have been assisted. The project has also had a powerful community impact, as in 2015, when a group of German students helped in the construction of the first playground in Turulung for the children in the community. The innovative aspect of the project is reflected in the fact that the whole family is accompanied and supported, not only the children. The centre achieves a good success rate.

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