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Magdas hotel - Caritas Vienna, Austria

Man working in a byke factory - Photo: Antonio Fantasia - Caritas Europa

What is offered:

A former retirement home was turned into an individually-designed 78-room boutique hotel with a €1.5m loan from Caritas and €60,000 raised through crowdfunding. It is run by trained refugees and experienced hotel staff and offers guests from around the world a smart, urban and multicultural “home” with an added social value: offering job opportunities to people who have very few opportunities on the regular labour market.


Magdas Hotel is designed to be a role model in combatting poverty by creating new jobs for refugees, who would otherwise be far from the labour market. The hotel is a social business; its focus is not the maximisation of profit, but the maximisation of societal benefits and social inclusion.


Currently around 20 refugees from 16 different countries are fully employed at the hotel. The initiative was a finalist in the European Social Innovation Competition in 2013.
Further information can be found at: http://www.magdas-hotel.at/en/hotel/

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