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Picture of a baby - Photo: Lefteris Partsalis - Caritas Switzerland
  • Ensure the right to family life: facilitate work-family life balance and support families by providing:
    • monthly child allowance - adopt a universal approach to child bene ts; and families with a low income should receive an increased amount of such allowance;
    • suf cient and affordable child care facilities;
    • family counselling services.
  • Re-evaluate tax systems to be family-friendly and progressive (redistributing wealth from rich to poor); taking into consideration families’ contribution to society, through their intergenerational nature, by granting nancial compensation in the form of a tax reduction or credit.
  • Assess the impact of planned policy initiatives in the areas of employment, education and health policies on the situation of families, and in particular on low-income families, in the form of family impact assessments.
  • Enable, support and recognise the value of family care work by:
    • ensuring the legal right to maternity leave of at least 15 weeks, as well as parental leave of at least 6 months;
    • allowing a number of days per year of special leave for care work in the family (for children, elderly, the ill);
    • ensuring a minimum income during longer periods of leave for care work;
    • considering the time spent on care work as eligible for the calculation of pension rights.