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Inclusive labour markets


Worker in a factory - Photo: Antonio Fantasia - Caritas Europa
  • Protect all workers’ rights and ght exploitation of, for example, undocumented worke
  • Establish an adequate minimum wage.
  • Ensure wage equality between women and men – equal pay for equal work.
  • Improve job security by limiting the use of short-term contracts.
  • Introduce measures to support the transition between education and the labour market (youth employment), i.e. by promoting the connection between school curricula and required labour market skills.
  • End discriminatory practices that pose barriers.
  • Facilitate the recognition of skills and quali cations attained abroad.
  • Reduce long-term unemployment by implementing reinsertion trajectories and skills upgrading.
  • Reduce the gap between the of cial and effective retirement age byadapting job content to the needs of older workers.
  • Support employment within not-for-pro t organisations and social enterprises, making use of their job creation potential.
  • Provide employment counselling services facilitating labour market participation, in particular for newly arrived migrants, and the transition between jobs.