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  • Ensure comprehensive national social provision coverage, covering the vital needs of all persons residing in the country.
  • Guarantee universal access to social services and user-friendly access to social benefits.
  • Inform residents of their social rights and benefit entitlements.
  • Ensure that residents have access to assistance to enforce their social rights.
  • Invest in early childhood education and care, ensuring free access to at least primary and secondary education, including the use of means-tested school allowances/scholarships and to ¬†prevent/reduce early school-leaving.
  • Provide adequate home care, including care work by family members, in order to prevent or postpone institutionalisation. Care homes for the elderly must meet quality standards and be monitored regularly.
  • Safeguard timely means-tested access to quality, appropriate and affordable social housing.
  • Invest in preventative health care and ensure accessible, affordable health care provision.
  • Ensure a means-tested income, i.e. unemployment benefits, for people who are temporarily unemployed, in combination with measures supporting their re-entry to the labour market, such as via (re-)training, job counselling, language training, etc.
  • Guarantee a means-tested minimum income above the poverty line.
  • Calculate pension rights within the framework of public retirement schemes on the basis of number of days/years worked, with a minimum and maximum level; and also take into account periods of inactivity for reasons of family care work.
  • Create a scal framework to promote complementary public retirement schemes.
  • Ensure sufficient and sustainable funding for social protection by financing social protection systems through taxation on all income sources, not only on labour, and by not coming under pressure as a consequence of financial decline, economic crisis, or of demographic ageing.
  • Ratify the European Social Charter and all provisions as well as the Collective Complaints Mechanism.