End poverty in Europe

Our solutions to make it happen

In the wealthy European Union about 123 million people suffer from poverty.

This is the result of austerity policies that focus on growth instead of addressing the impact of the financial crisis on people. We are concerned that welfare is being given up at the expense of a large majority of society and that next generations will be condemned to chronic poverty.

We urge European leaders to put people first and to put the economy and economic policies at the service of the people.

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Who is at risk of poverty and social exclusion?
Anyone is! And in particular the following groups:
  • Long-Term Unemployed

    They make up almost 50% of all unemployed in the EU.

  • Working Poor

    They represent almost 10% of the total workforce of the EU.

  • Single Parents

    They suffer the most heavily from cuts to family benefits.

  • Migrants

    They are doubly hit by the austerity measures and by discrimination.

  • Children

    Over 20% of all children in the EU are suffering from poverty and social exclusion and cannot live their childhoods to the fullest.

What does this mean?

It means that poverty erodes rights! People experiencing poverty have a limited access to their right to:

  • Healthcare

    “I am a widow and I only receive a small pension, which just about covers my basic needs, but I am unable to pay for other key needs, such as more medicine, support, helpers, cleaners, maintenance and personal care.”

  • Work

    “The problems I see is in the attitude of employers, i.e. moonlighting jobs, employers prefer contracts for services instead of regular employment contracts. They frequently offer no benefits or care for employees.”

  • Housing

    “I love where I live, but I just can’t afford to live here.”

Where is this happening?

All over Europe:

act !

European leaders have the capacity and tools to implement our recommendations and lift the 123 million people living in poverty out of this heinous trap. And they must do this…


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This website is only an extract of our full report. Read the full report to get a complete picture of the current state of poverty in Europe and our solutions to solve it.


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